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About Us

Jeffrey L. Krug, CBC, CEC, RCC

Jeff Krug, founder of J.L. Krug & Associates, Inc., is a business coach utilizing a style of coaching which involves collaboration of both client and coach. This method of coaching helps clients achieve results in both their professional and personal lives. His areas of expertise include small business coaching, executive coaching, and corporate team development and coaching, time management training and goal setting/problem solving training.

Jeff has 26 years experience in the corporate environment where he managed and implemented sales, advertising, marketing, training and personnel evaluation programs. He has operated his own business since 1991.

He was a charter member of the National Association of Business Coaches (NABC), now WABC and served on the Executive Advisory Board of the NABC. He has also received his Certified Business Coach (CBC), Registered Corporate Coach (RCC), and Certified Executive Coach (CEC) certifications from the NABC, which Jeff also helped develop. Jeff also has a certification as a Certified EQ Mentor.

Jeff's specialized assessment and coaching services are for any size business. He can also provide employee development, promotion evaluations, and career development assessments.

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