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Prevue Assessment
Prevue Assessment is a proven selection assessment for hiring, promoting, coaching and team building supported by a simple automated system for creating and managing job specific benchmarks.

The Prevue Assessment identifies key traits where a job candidate may not align with the job-then provides behavioral interviewing questions to probe deeper into the candidates experience-to determine job fit suitability.

Prevue Assessment Report

Prevue Assessment provides an objective comparison of the candidate with a psychometrically sound standard of high performance. Managers can see, graphically, how 20 traits correlate with high performance in a specific job in your organization. The Prevue Assessment System is fully web enabled and available on software.

The Prevue Assessment System includes five reports for one fee. The Prevue Assessment fits the Whole Person Approach criteria for employee assessment, recommended by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Use this link in your browser download sample report.

In just minutes a hiring manager can review information that predicts the behavior of a job candidate in any of 15 job categories, including customer service, food service, administrative, warehouse, hospitality, persuasive sales, financial, healthcare, production, telemarketing sales, driver, engineering, information technology, and management. This assessment is ideal for quickly screening out candidates who don't fit the job.

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download sample reports.
FirstView Report

Proception2 Personality Inventory
The Proception2 Assessment helps identify individual business behavior for; Coaching, Management Development, Team Building, Training, Mentoring, Conflict Resolution, and Career Development.

Download sample report

BEFORE COMPLETING the Proception2 please contact J.L. Krug & Associates, Inc. for instructions.

Proception 2 Report

Proception 360 
The Proception 360 Assessment is a full 360-degree feedback process that is tailored to each individual or company's required competencies. This exciting tool allows a company to customize from a library of 10 competencies, thus making the tool their very own.

http://jlkrug.com/bullet.jpg Provides effective dual-rater feedback 
http://jlkrug.com/bullet.jpg Fosters greater individual and work group performance 
http://jlkrug.com/bullet.jpg Create better cooperation and communications 
http://jlkrug.com/bullet.jpg Measures individual improvements over time

The Proception 360 Assessment is also used for: 

http://jlkrug.com/bullet.jpg Training Need Analysis 
http://jlkrug.com/bullet.jpg Career Development 
http://jlkrug.com/bullet.jpg Executive and Individual Counseling 
http://jlkrug.com/bullet.jpg Organizational Change 
http://jlkrug.com/bullet.jpg Team Building 
http://jlkrug.com/bullet.jpg Identify High Potential Performance 
http://jlkrug.com/bullet.jpg Complementing Performance Appraisal 

Oral Fluid Drug Test
Discover the oral fluid solution to modern drug testing. The Intercept Oral Fluid Drug Test system provides a smart alternative to costly, inconvenient and often embarrassing drug testing. This new testing system detects the "SAMHSA" drug panel, THC, cocaine, opiates, PCP and amphetamines without the need to collect urine. Use the donor-friendly collection pad to collect the oral fluid sample and send it to the laboratory for "next-day" reporting on negative results and a 48 to 72 hour turnaround for confirmed positives.

Cost efficiency-With urine-based testing, you are paying not only for test results, but also often for collection, scheduling, supervision, and training. And what about the downtime while your employee or candidate visits an off-site collection facility across town. Multiply your costs and hours by the number of employees you test each month and it adds up quickly. With Intercept testing, you reduce or eliminate collection fees, minimize scheduling issues, and greatly reduce lost work time. The improvements to your company's bottom line will be noticeable.

"Drug testing with the Intercept system is very efficient. It not only saves our company valuable hiring time, but it also translates into cost savings that positively impact my bottom line."

Control the Process-Unlike urine samples, oral fluid samples can be collected anywhere, anytime. No special facilities are needed. With the Intercept system you have the option of collecting samples in-house, which means no scheduling hassles or collection fees. The collection process can take place in a small conference room or in an office rather than in a restroom. The Intercept system makes it easier for you to test employees at multiple plants and other facilities. A training program is available to all staff involved in the collection process.

With the Intercept collection pad, the donor can easily provide a sample and seal it into our special shipping vial in about 2 minutes. Just place the specimen vial and chain-of-custody form into a convenient shipper for overnight delivery to our central lab. The laboratory uses proven immunoassay processes and reports negative results the same day samples are tested. Positive results are confirmed using GC/MS/MS, the "Gold Standard," and are reported within 48 to 72 hours.

"I am no longer waiting 2 to 3 days for drug test scheduling and lab reports. I find the perfect candidate and within 24 hours. I'm able to make them an offer. I like that kind of control."

Less Embarrassing-"Asking an employee or potential hire to put a swab between his cheek and gum is much easier and far less embarrassing than asking him for a urine sample."

The act of urinating in a cup is at best demeaning and can be awkward for both the person being tested and the collector. The InterceptTM system delivers a safer, more dignified and observable collection method. The dignity of the collection method is a real benefit. After all, these are your employees and potential hires being tested. We can help you make a good first impression.

Adulteration Drug users have many options to try beating a urine test. InterceptTM Oral Fluid Drug Testing nearly eliminates the risk of adulteration. It's virtually impossible for donors providing oral fluid samples to mask drugs in their system. Besides, InterceptTM collections can always be directly observed. "Beating the system" just became more difficult.

"The problem with urine testing is that the person being tested has to be hidden away in a secure restroom. Now I'm able to observe the collection process firsthand."